Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A smoker's health & anti-smoker hate

Denormalization refers to efforts to force smokers to quit by branding them as a sub-human, nicotine addicted species, unworthy of common courtesy or consideration.

It started with smoking bans; first on commercial flights, then all forms of public transit. Bans, first implemented in public buildings, were then expanded to private establishments: bars, restaurants and private clubs. Now, bans have grown to include privately owned automobiles where minors might be present. And the zealots are now pushing (and, in some cases succeeding) to ban smoking in public parks and even in private homes.

The smoking bans were predicated on the contention that secondhand smoke was a health hazard rather than a mere nuisance to non-smokers. But the evidence was, and still is, flimsy, at best.

But, the real reason for the smoking bans is to force smokers into social isolation. In a blatant attempt at behavioural modification. The anti-smoker cult reasons that, if they can reduce the number of places a smoker can light up, they can reduce the number of people smoking. Cultists, you must understand, hate smoking, and by extension, they hate smokers.

The campaign of denormalization is intended to stigmatize smokers, by making them appear, in the eyes of the public, as abnormal individuals engaged in a filthy habit that is injurious to both themselves and those around them.

And, denormalization was implemented by the anti-smoker cult with the full consent of Canadian governments at both the provincial and federal level. And, both levels of government have not only condoned the constantly escalating degree of discrimination, in housing, employment and even medical care, they have actively engaged in the process.

Punitive levels of taxation, readily imposed by greedy politicians, are another form of discrimination directed at smokers. The intention is to force smokers with low incomes to quit by pricing cigarettes out of their reach. It's a regressive system of taxation which strikes at the most vulnerable in society. Billions of dollars are extorted from smokers every year.

The government approved tactics of the anti-smoker cult are designed to denigrate, demean and discriminate against smokers. They would not be tolerated if they were used against any other minority; not blacks or homosexuals or Jews. And, these tactics have been justified by the constant repetition of a web of lies, deceit and deception; a propaganda campaign the likes of which has not been seen since the dirty thirties.

The majority of Canadians, including roughly 7 million former smokers, are non-smokers. CTUMS (Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey) estimates that the smoking prevalence rate is just under 20% of the population over 15 years of age. That's roughly 5 million Canadians who smoke; a sizable minority within the population. 5 million Canadians who have been reduced to the status of second-class citizens.

And, the anti-smoker cult, buoyed by government support and the complacency of non-smokers, are reaching new lows in their campaign against those who choose to smoke.

Two recent news reports demonstrate clearly and convincingly that the anti-smoker campaign of denormalization is not about health; it's about spreading a message of hate.

From Britain comes a vile comment which shows just how much contempt anti-smoker cultists have for the health of smokers. Jane DeVille Almond, a British nurse and anti-smoker zealot, told a radio audience, in essence, that smokers should have to quit or be denied medical procedures offered to the non-smoking population. Said Jane: “They'll just have to die.”

And, another repugnant storycomes from India. Doctors at one hospital have posted a sign which reads: “ Smokers will be beaten up.” Uh-huh. No namby-pamby fine, for smoking in a no smoking zone. These idiots are threatening violence. Says Dr. Abhijit Chowdhury, “we want to send a cultural shock so we can do wonders of behavioural modification.”

Uh-huh. It's dangerous being a smoker these days.


Michael J. McFadden said...

Excellent columns as always Rambler. You've described the DeNormalization campaign perfectly.

Two additional notes:

1) The Brit nurse Jane Almond was so bent out of shape at people hearing her "Well, they'll just have to die." flip off at smokers that she filed a copyright objection to the use of her pic and had the video pulled off of YouTube after about 2,000 people viewed it in the space of a week.


2) A new addition to the "hate files" from an unexpected source: an air cleaner type company offering a product that is supposed to be "nicer" to smokers than those cages the Antis prefer to stick us in. The product itself actually looks like it would be fairly decent in such places as airport settings and could clearly be adapted to cover comfortable bar/dining areas, but the intro text for the site includes this:

Smokers, like rabid animals, are usually confined to enclosed areas, away from the rest of us. The FRESH concept, designed for airports and other high-traffic areas, uses a “wall” of air to stop the carcinogen-laden smoke from reaching us normals."



Michael J. McFadden
Author of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains"

Sherry in Las Vegas said...

Wow. The far-reaching effects of the smoking-nazi mentality is truly frightening! I cannot help but wonder if we, as smokers, will soon be coralled into "smoke camps" and tortured with a constant stream of PSA's extolling the evils of tobacco. All "for our own good," of course.

Whatever happened to social philosophies like 'Mind your own business' and 'Live and let live?'