Saturday, March 29, 2008

Links . . . and more links

Forest On Line
Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco.
A haven for smokers and non-smokers who believe in freedom of choice
The Hittman Chronicle
Dave Hitt of the Hittman Chronicle, offers “four sites for the price of one”, including “The Facts” which gives a basic course in reading and understanding epidemiological studies and how the science surrounding them has been distorted by extremists.
Tobacco Analysis
The Rest of the Story
A blog written by Dr. Michael Siegel, a sane anti-tobacco advocate
Freedom 2 Choose
The public from all walks of life, professional through to working class, united in a determination to expose the myths that are currently leading to the removal of the freedoms of the people of this nation (Great Britain).
The Smoker’s Club
Includes an “encyclopedia” of information on all things related to smoking, who the antis are, and how you can fight them
Forces International
FORCES International is an organization in support of human rights and - in particular, but not limited to – the defense of those who expect from life the freedom to smoke, eat, drink and, in general, to enjoy personal lifestyle choices without restrictions and state interference.
A New York based site dedicated to informing the world about the real goal of the prohibitionists and the case against smoking bans.
My Choice (Canada)
A Canadian web site committed to restoring common sense, balance and civility to the way Canada's adult smokers are treated by their federal, provincial and municipal politicians. You’ll need to register to get full access to the site, but it’s well worth the few minutes it takes. Registration is free.

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